The Arts

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The Arts

The arts are integral to BDS education. Students reflect on their own artistic progress through journals, written tasks and presentations designed to place the arts in a wider critical context throughout the programs. They become not only practitioners, but also develop a discerning eye, a perceptive ear and an appreciation of the arts as a cornerstone of human achievement.

BDS aims to foster self-confidence, critical awareness and a deep understanding of the place of the arts in today’s society. Our facilities support a wide range of art, including digital imagery, drawing and painting, photography, music, dance, film and theatre. Students engage in a variety of both internal and external exhibitions and festivals. Further, BDS students take part in projects of the local communities, from exhibitions to vibrant social and arts service projects.

Visual Arts

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Visual Arts at BDS engages students to explore in a continual cycle of creating and responding. It is about a whole student education, harnessing the untapped creative potential and empowering students to nurture their inner artist.
Every lesson is experiential, and students are challenged to think outside the box and focus on the creative process versus the final product. The practice of critiquing their own work and that of their peers in a safe and supportive space strengthens self-awareness and social skills.

Through an array of artistic techniques and mediums like drawing, painting, collage, printmaking, digital art, and mixed media, students learn to actualize their imaginations. Each is given the autonomy to choose the medium they’ll use to create, and therefore every project reflects a deeply personal artistic vision. With access to art technology and a fully equipped studio, students communicate ideas in different mediums. This fosters confidence, enriches the overall educational experience and prepares students for life in a multimedia-driven world.

Performing Arts

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Performing Arts at BDS is a highly collaborative program that gives all students an opportunity to play a role in bringing artistic visions to life. We introduce our students to the wondrous worlds of music, dance, film and theater, with a focus on process rather than perfection.
We encourage students to boldly experiment in challenging-yet-playful environments that support their individuality. The safe environment created by BDS’s passionate staff gives students at all levels the courage to express themselves more fully than ever before.

Music is truly an international language and plays a vital role in education. Music programs in BDS immerses students in a stimulating and challenging environment, allowing them to communicate in a unique way. Also, students get to participate in workshops with professional musicians and culminate in an evening concert.
Also, BDS offers unique experiences in performing arts such as dance meditation, where students get to express themselves without any baggage of insecurity, to truly learn to be their authentic selves. Such experiences become a vehicle for unprecedented creative self-expression. Confidence and self-esteem soar and new doors of possibility are opened.

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