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  • Name : Mr. Godowon
  • Founder
  • Welcome Message : Welcome, and nice to meet you everyone. I dream that through our active interaction, students will be able to understand themselves, others, and the world. I will do my best to give great education, love and support to our wonderful students. I am great. You are great. WE ARE GREAT!
  • Education & Experience : '연세춘추' 편집국장, '뿌리깊은 나무' 기자, '중앙일보' 기자, 정치부 차장, 1998년부터 5년 동안 청와대 대통령 연설 담당 비서관(1급), 2001년 8월부터 '고도원의 아침편지' 시작, 현 '고도원의 아침편지' 주인장, (재) 아침편지 문화재단 이사, 명상센터 '깊은 산 속 옹달샘' 운영, '못생긴 나무가 산을 지킨다', '꿈너머꿈', '사랑합니다 감사합니다' 외 저서 약 30권
James Green
  • Name : Mr. James Green
  • Academic Director
  • Welcome Message : Hello everyone! I am excited to be serving as the middle school science and mathematics teacher this year. Science and mathematics are the glue that holds the world together and I look forward to helping everyone become as excited about these subjects as I am!
  • Education & Experience : Education & Experience : Master of Education, Bachelor of Science in Nursing, TESOL/TEFL Certification, Washington DC Teaching License (in progress), 8 years teaching experience across 4 countries, 5 years medical experience and 4 years entrepreneurial experience
Ms. Julie Hulme
  • Name : Ms. Julie Hulme
  • Subjects : Elementary English & Social Studies
  • Welcome Message : Hello! My name is Ms. Hulme and I will be teaching Language Arts and Social Studies for the 4th and 5th grade homerooms. I am ready to have fun and learn a lot! Let’s do our best this year!
  • Education & Experience : Master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction with an ESOL concentration, Bachelor’s degree in Mass Media (2005) TESOL certificate (2007), Hawaii Teaching Certificate (in progress). 13 years teaching experience across 3 countries creating dynamic & creative lessons for all student age groups.
Mr. Sean Striefsky
  • Name : Mr. Sean Striefsky
  • Subjects : Middle School English & Social Studies
  • Welcome Message : Hello, I'm Mr. Striefsky! I look forward to our journey together through English and Social Studies. I hope we can learn many things about the amazing history and culture of the world while also learning some things about ourselves, too!
  • Education & Experience : Bachelor of Science in Psychology with 2 years of teaching experience and 10 years of professional experience in the multiple fields including IT, logistics & trade.
Mr. Spencer Song
  • Name : Mr. Spencer Song
  • Subjects : Elementary Science & Math
  • Welcome Message : Hello, this is Spencer Song. I am looking forward to meeting and interacting with little scholars! I will teach 4th and 5th grade mathematics and science. It is my best wish that all students discover their dreams and plan for their future at BDS!
  • Education & Experience : Bachelor of Science in Psychology with 2 years of teaching experience and 4 years of experience as a paraeducator across 3 countries.
Ms. Yolanta Siu
  • Name : Ms. Yolanta Siu
  • Subjects : Middle School ESL
  • Welcome Message : Hello! My name is Ms. Siu, and I will be teaching Middle School ESL and Minerva Prep courses. Through the worlds of science, technology, and literature, we will broaden our understanding of the English language. I look forward to growing our dreams together!
  • Education & Experience : Bachelor of Arts in Landscape Architecture, TEFL Certificate (2014) with 6 years of education experience, 2 years of professional experience as a landscape designer, and 5 years of experience as a photojournalist.
Ms. Sue Lee
  • Name : Ms. Sue Lee
  • Subjects : Music
  • Welcome Message :  Hello everyone! I am excited to teach music and looking forward to exploring everyone’s creativity. I hope we can all create music and collaborate together to make something memorable! As Franz Liszt said, “Music is the heart of life”. I hope music can bring you to express your feelings and bring out your individuality!
  • Education & Experience : Master of Music, MMus at Guildhall School of Music and Drama (London), Bachelor of Music, BMus at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance (London), Licentiate of Trinity College London (LTCL) for instrumental teaching. ABRSM Grade 8 piano and distinctions in violin and viola. 
Mr. Jae Deok Kim
  • Name : Mr. Jae Deok Kim
  • Subjects : Sunmudo
  • Welcome Message : 안녕하세요. 선무도 수업을 담당하는 김재덕입니다. BDS 학생들과 선무도를 통해서 만나게 되어 반갑습니다. 선무도 수업을 통해서 몸을 건강하고 바른 체형으로 만들어가고, 명상적인 부분으로 마음 또한 바르고 맑게 만들어가길 기대합니다.
  • Education & Experience : 동국대학교 경주캠퍼스 불교학과 전공, (사)세계선무도총연맹 고급지도자, 선무도 총본산 골굴사 지도법사 역임, (재) 선무도 대금강문 '선무도 공연단' 감독 역임, 선무도 서울본원 사범 역임, 선무도 프랑스 세미나 지도, 선무도 유럽 세미나 지도, 부산 혜화여고 선무도 수업 지도, 골굴사 화랑사관학교 지도법사, 현 선무도 옹달샘지부 지도법사, 저서 '나는 오늘도 수련하러 갑니다'
Mr. Taehee Yoon
  • Name : Mr. Taehee Yoon
  • Subjects : Sports & P.E.
  • Welcome Message : 모든 교육에는 건강한 체력과 건강한 마음이 있어야 합니다. 우리 학생들이 학업에 몸과 마음이 지치지 않도록 즐겁고도 건강한 체육활동을 통해 꿈을 위한 학업에 더욱 집중할 수 있도록 수업을 진행 합니다. 감사합니다.
  • Education & Experience : 건축기사 자격증1급, 중장비 자격증2급, 군산대학교 행정학과 졸업, 구자곡 초등학교 육상선수 및 핸드볼 선수 경력, 연무대중학교 럭비부선수-연무고등학교 배구부선수, 충남학생마라톤대회 우승- 논산시 시대회 마라톤 우승, 청소년지도사 자격증2급, 명상센터 명상프로그램 강사, 충주시 생활체육 축구회원
Mr. Jae Yeon Kim
  • Name : Ms. Jae Yeon Kim
  • Subjects : Sunmudo and Yoga
  • Welcome Message : 명상, 요가, 무예를 통해 건강한 몸과 마음을 만들어가며 행복한 삶을 살아가는 힘을 길러주고 싶습니다. 소중한 여러분들의 꿈을 응원합니다.
  • Education & Experience : 원광디지털대학교 요가명상학과 전공, (사)세계선무도총연맹 중급지도자, 선무도 옹달샘지부 지도사범
Ms. Rebecca Mione
  • Name : Ms. Rebecca Mione
  • Subjects : Minerva Prep
  • Welcome Message : Hello, Hello, Hello! My name is Ms. Mione. I will be conducting Minerva prep courses along with Middle School ESL. Through classes, we learn not only about the subjects but also about ourselves. So let us grow and discover who we are together!
  • Education & Experience : Masters of Linguistics (in progress), Bachelor's degree in Performing Arts (2016), TEFL Certification (2017), 4 years teaching experience in all age groups. 
Mr. Kevin Lim
  • Name : Mr. Kevin Lim
  • Subjects : ESL & Chinese
  • Welcome Message : Hello Everyone! I'm Kevin Lim, and I will be teaching ESL and HSK for the evening programs. I hope students will get to know the fun of learning a language, the culture behind it and understand how to communicate with other people. Through our classes together, we'll not only focus on the studying, but also on the fun aspects of each subject!
  • Education & Experience : Bachelor of Chinese language and culture with 8 years of educational experience with 3 years of teaching experience across 3 countries, with certifications in TEFL(2017), TESOL(2017).
Mr. David Song
  • Name : Mr. David Song
  • Subjects : Coding
  • Welcome Message : Hello Everyone. My name is David Song. I will be teaching Coding for the evening programs. I'm going to show you some good classes to make you more friendly with computers. In my class, it will be a class that teaches what coding is, where to use it, and how to meet the upcoming 4th industry. I hope that students who are interested in computers will meet with me in my class. I hope you learn the correct computer usage habits along with the coding class! 수업에서 만나요~
  • Education & Experience : Dongeui University. (Major : Computer Engineering) Capable with Swift, Python, JAVA, C, C#, C++, and HTML.. Participated in a number of talent donation teachers in the Lincoln School Vision Camp and Reading Camp run by Ong Dal-Sam. Participated as a talent donation teacher at the BDS 2nd Week Camp. -Managing and operating the homepage of a clothes company in Busan.
Ms. June Kim
  • Name : Ms. June Kim
  • Subjects : ESL, Korean, & Chinese
  • Welcome Message : Hello! I am happy to be serving at BDS this semester. I will be managing students, and be teaching ESL. Through language, you’ll take a giant leap into your future full of excitement. Let’s make the change together!
  • Education & Experience : 4 years of educational experience in China, with license of Teenage Learning Coach (level 2). 2 years of professional experience in Marketing & Fashion Industry.
Mr. Sehyeon Oh
  • Name : Mr. Sehyeon Oh
  • Subjects : Korean & Boxing & Humanity
  • Welcome Message : Hello everyone! I’m Mr. Oh. I will be gladly called as Mr. Circle, Mr. Egg if you want to call me that way. Any subject that I teach will focus on laughter and fun and politeness is a must. Of course studying is important, but happiness is more important than studying. I will do my best for BDS students to have fun and happy classes.
  • Education & Experience : 고려대학교 인문정보대학원 문예창작학과, 2010년 청산문학 신인상, 2019년 개천예술제 진주남강문학 시부문 수상, ROTC 육군 대위 전역, 제7회 사천시장배 생활체육 복싱대회 1위, 제 25회 신인선수권 복싱대회 라이트헤비급 1위, 초/중/고등학교 기간제 교사, (주)대교 교육팀장, 부경대학교 교직원, 세인트폴진주국제학교 한국어교사, 영덕아트스쿨 교무부장, 독서지도사1급, 논술지도사1급, 아동심리상담사, 실버케어상담사, 중등 국어 2급 정교사 자격, 국립국어원 한국어 2급 정교사 자격
201-61, Useong 1-gil, Noeun-myeon, Chungju-si,
Chungcheongbuk-do, Republic of Korea
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Email : admin@bds-korea.org
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